Sunday, November 13, 2011

Before I Fall in Love-Coco Lee

My heart says we've got something real
Can I trust the way I feel
'Cause my heart's been fooled before
Am I just seeing what to see
Or is it true, could you really be

Something to have and hold
With my heart and soul
I need to know, before I fall in love
Someone who'll stay around
Through all my ups and downs
Please tell me now, before I fall in love

I'm at the point of on relum
So afraid of getting bumed
But I want to take a change
Please, give me a reason to believe
Say, that you're the one, that you'll always be

It's been so hard for me to give my heart away
But I would give my everything ,
Just to hear you say (you're)


Lidya - Mama Pascal said...

numpang nyanyi sebentar ya mbak :)

Akoe said...

Gege masih aktif disini yah................kangen deh baca cerita gege.............

jokerthoughts said...

ge... wh dah lama juga 3, harli blm sembuh. :)